Acurus A2002

The two-channel utility player in the Acurus A2000 series is the A2002. This amplifier provides the basis for a value-priced high-end stereo setup or a 2-channel zone amplifier for a multi-room system rack.

An innovative ethernet control and status port is now standard on all Acurus products. This feature enhances performance and ease of use well beyond the traditional one-way 12V trigger.


- high-quality, high-value stereo amplification

- fully-discrete analog amplifier design

- ideal companion for a high-performance 2-channel preamp or DAC

- great add-on for enhancing the stereo experience from a multichannel-AVR

- stand-alone or rack-mount capable with optional rack mount kit

- intelligent, flexible, 2-way ethernet-based control and status monitoring

- readily interfaces with popular home control solutions

- solid American engineering and construction

- THX Ultra2-certified

3.850,00 €

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